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CREE announced the acquisition of radio frequency power services in Infineon by 345 million Europe

In July 15, 2016, according to Internet news, Infineon announced that it would buy Cree CREE's Wolfspeed company with $850 million in cash. After issuing this report, the industry thought that Infineon's global business empire is bigger and bigger, and in the field of silicon carbide, it will also achieve "a big business".

In February 17, 2017, due to the fact that Cree CREE and Infineon couldn't decide the alternative to solve the national security issues concerned by the CFIUS, the proposed transaction between the two sides was terminated.

Unexpectedly a year later, in March 6, 2018, Cree CREE announced the acquisition of the radio frequency power business of Infineon by 345 million Europe. Cree CREE from the previous sale, become the present active attack, the quick action is unprepared.

This message indicates that the revolutionary change Cree CREE company in the lighting industry, but also to advanced silicon carbide (SiC) technology in the end, to provide the same service for electric cars, renewable energy and telecommunications and other high growth market.

Cree, Infineon is tax and the industry's leading technology companies, each one has his good points. The acquisition and adoption of Infineon RF power team and technology will expand Wolfspeed's existing products and technologies, such as product design, packaging, manufacturing and customer support services.


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