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The lighting industry is in a major transition period. Under the current situation, the changes in the executives of the lighting industry are becoming more and more frequent.

Before and after the new year, the tide of turnover spread in the high level, many of them are well-known companies in the industry, especially foreign big factories in the industry, causing no small shock in the industry.

The Philips Lighting Company appointed Chris White as the president of the Americas

At the end of 2017, Amy Huntington, former president of PHILPS lighting (Amy Huntington) America resignation, March 7th, PHILPS lighting announced, has appointed Chris White as president of the Americas region, responsible for maintaining the leading position and continue to accelerate PHILPS lighting in the area, focusing on the transformation from the traditional products, LED products to intelligent lighting systems and services.

White directly reports to Eric Rondolat, chief executive of PHILPS lighting, and White manages all business and operational activities in the Americas.

Before joining PHILPS lighting, White worked for CISCO company for 20 years. In this company, he held various leading positions, including senior vice president of global sales.

The Swedish Fagerhult group is looking for a new CEO

Northern Europe's largest lighting company Fagerhult group recently announced that its chief executive officer Johan Hjertonsson has resigned before finding a new CEO, he will remain in the company.

Sweden Fagerhult group is Europe's leading lighting and lighting manufacturer, headquartered in Harbin, Sweden, mainly for public occasions, such as offices, schools, hospitals, business, industry, cultural stadiums and other public environment to provide comfortable, healthy and efficient lighting programs.

Hjertonsson has been the chief executive of Fagerhult since 2009. After leaving Fagerhult, Hjertonsson will join the Swedish investment group, Investment AB Latour, as CEO. The latter has a share of Fagerhult 48.3%, and its current chief executive, Jan Svensson, is also the chairman of the Fagerhult board.

Thomas Wessel, CREE's senior vice president for global marketing

The day before, CREE (Cree) announced the appointment of Thomas Wessel as senior vice president of global marketing, the appointment date from February 19, 2018.

Thomas Wessel will be responsible for sales and marketing of Wolfspeed power and RF and CREE LED component business, directly responsible for CREE President Gregg Lowe.

It is understood that Thomas Wessel has more than 20 years of experience in global sales and marketing leadership in the semiconductor industry, and has set foot in the automotive, industrial, electronic and communication markets.

Before joining CREE, he worked as a vice president of sales and marketing at NanoSemi. Previously, he had been a senior vice president of global sales and marketing at ADI, leading the company to achieve eight consecutive quarterly growth.

CREE appointed general manager of the lighting business department

Cree recently announced a high-level appointment, appointing Craig Atwater as the senior vice president and general manager of the lighting business department, reporting directly to Gregg Lowe.

Prior to the appointment, Craig served as vice president of marketing for Cree lighting business. He and his team focused on providing customers with innovative products and implementing growth strategies. He joined Cree after leaving Eaton/Cooper. Craig has rich experience in lighting industry. He has worked in Eaton/Cooper for 19 years, and he has high reputation in engineering, operation and product marketing.

CEO Alfred Felder successor to leave Fort ord

Fort ord (Zumtobel) change level, the company recently announced that CEO Schumacher (Ulrich Schumacher) turnover. In addition, the chief financial officer, Karin Sonnenmoser, also submitted his resignation.

Alfred Field, chief operating officer (Alfred Felder), will act as the "deputy CEO" of Austria LED lighting listed company, which also made him the interim chairman of the management committee.

Felder will also serve as chief sales officer. He is Bernard Motzko instead of chief executive officer. He was previously vice president of global business of ATM (/ATM) manufacturer Diebold-Nixdorf.

The former CEO Schumacher presented his resignation last month and came into force in February 1st. He has been the chief executive since 2013. In addition, last month, the board of supervisors temporarily refused resignation of chief financial officer Sonnenmoser Sonnenmoser will leave at the end of June.

Dr. Tan Changlin was appointed chief executive of LEDVANCE

The day before, the LEDVANCE board announced LED lighting industry veteran Dr. Tan Changlin (Jacob Tarn) will take over as chairman of the management committee and the new LEDVANCE CEO since February 1, 2018. Tan Changlin will serve in Germany Jiaxing Landes Vance headquarters will be responsible for the leadership of Lund Vance from a traditional lamp manufacturers continue to transition to LED lighting industry leading, innovation driven.

As of December 1, 2017, Jes Munk Hansen was no longer the chief executive and managing director. The chairman of the board of supervisors said, "I would like to express my gratitude to the board of directors for the leadership of Jes Munk Hansen in this special period of the company. As CEO, Jes Munk Hansen has been leading LEDVANCE in the layout of new strategy, deciding that LEDVANCE has been separated from OSRAM, and set up a fully independent operation company and sold it to China financial group. In this new structure and business model, LEDVANCE will be able to continue to maintain its global leadership in the lighting industry. "

Dr. Tan Changlin is a senior person in the LED lighting industry and has more than 30 years of international experience in the global LED lighting market. The latest resume is that Tan Changlin, as the executive vice president and chief operating officer of LED Business Department of Samsung Electronics, is reversing Samsung's leading business.


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