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Intelligentization will be one of the trends in commercial lighting in 2018

017 years of weak global economic recovery, a new round of technological and industrial changes is creating a historic opportunity. Along with China's in-depth implementation of the innovation driven development strategy, industrial development is also facing new forms. Intelligence, Internet of things, sharing economy and other new technologies, new economy and new formats accelerate the development of LED lighting technology and application area.

With continuous technological upgrading and cost reduction, the competitiveness of Chinese LED lighting enterprises is enhanced in the world, and overseas customer orders are gradually tilted to the Chinese market. At present, the global LED manufacturing is shifting to the Chinese market.

Although China's LED lighting enterprises are in a good period of national policy support and international economic recovery, but due to the acceleration of technology development and industrial integration, the domestic market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

Nowadays, the general lighting market has been "fallen", and the commercial lighting market with large profit margins has become the next blue sea for lighting enterprises to pursue. At the same time, with the gradual stability of the LED general lighting market, the efficiency of LED products is also improving. With the increase of color tolerance (SDCM) control ability and color rendering performance, LED manufacturers are more optimistic about the high-end commercial lighting market.

As of now, OSRAM, PHILPS lighting, OPPLE lighting, three male Aurora, NVC, nationstar Tecnon lighting, lighting and other domestic manufacturers already have the layout.

Dr. Li Cheng, general manager of optoelectronics, said, "at present, the high end business is growing faster than the whole market, and we feel the market is in force." In the fields of civil lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and other fields, commercial lighting is an application field with relatively large market demand. Especially with the improvement of light efficiency, light and color quality, the market growth will be more rapid in LED.

Of course, after nearly two years of continuous increase in the layout, the state star photoelectric in the field of commercial super lighting has made remarkable achievements.

According to Xu Zhenfeng, general manager of Guoxing Lighting Department, there are mainly two parts of business super lighting, one is the lighting project of new supermarket, and the other is the lighting replacement project of the original supermarket. After adjustment and escalation, country star lighting in the "country star" brand escort, relying on the national coverage of the channel network, and gradually Yonghui supermarket, Renhe Spring, Tai Hing hypermarkets and other large supermarket chains to establish a cooperative relationship."

Mentioned business license, you have to say three male aurora. Three male Aurora as a domestic commercial lighting leader, also has continued to increase R & D investment and improve the ability of quick response. It is understood that the auroral plan completed within three years of R & D center expansion project, to constantly improve the technology content and product design unique, in order to adapt to changes in market demand.

At the beginning of 2018, auroral precipitation has long been the launch of high-end hotel lighting products - Platinum carved series. In order to meet the high-end hotel full range of lighting needs, "platinum moment" series also includes LED ceiling lamp, LED lamp, LED soft lights, LED mirror lamp, LED underground.

In addition, Tecnon lighting commercial lighting market positioning, the overall scheme of illumination system design and manufacture distribution through-train service for customers. At present, the top five customers of the main Adidas Tecnon lighting (DE.ADSGn), bestseller fashion group (one of the largest European fashion group), (HK.01234), XTEP (HK.01368), Anta (HK.02020), La Natsu Bell (HK.06116).

Tecnon lighting board related personnel to put forward, "Tecnon lighting will seize the opportunity to actively expand in other segments, commercial lighting solution concept of plough in more areas of business."

In fact, the professionalism of commercial lighting is very strong, and there is a clear requirement for the durability and stability of the lighting products. At the same time, the design of lighting scene, the brightness adjustment of lighting environment, and the effective saving of lighting cost all put forward higher requirements for products.

With the continuous improvement of LED and quality, the demand for lighting is also rising to another level, and more and more attention is paid to creating a comfortable and healthy light environment. The personalized needs of different light and color effects are created for different irradiated products, even the humanized functions such as light modulation and color modulation combined with the intelligent system.

Tang Guoqing, an industry veteran of the LED, said, "the role of lighting is often crucial in creating a harmonious business atmosphere. From a purely commercial point of view, how much creativity is likely to bring about a lot of business. In other words, commercial lighting is a framework that can be installed in everything, such as stereo, 3D, display, projection, laser and so on.

It is undeniable that LED lamps are developing in two directions, one is intelligent and the other is customized. The same is true of commercial lighting, which has already stood on the top of the high-end intelligent commercial lighting.

As we all know, more emphasis on energy saving and social benefits in the field of commercial lighting, especially in commercial building lighting, lighting up to twelve hours a day, electricity consumption is very serious, so we can use intelligent control to achieve energy saving purposes.

At the same time, a large number of lighting demand also brings another kind of commercial application combining intelligent function. For example, LED lamps and lanterns combined with visible light communication technology, can achieve precision positioning function, to assist the store to carry out commercial applications such as product push service. At present, commercial lighting is also undergoing large-scale and intelligent replacement.

Last year, the global leader of PHILPS lighting lighting for the Holland downtown Eindhoven Markt


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